Advantages of a Paralegal Certification

Although laws in most states throughout the U.S. do not require certification for paralegals, it is highly recommended. There are definite advantages to having a paralegal certification, and often those who are certified find themselves faring better than those who do not.

Individuals searching for paralegal jobs will find themselves immersed in a large pool of applicants. Having a paralegal certification can open up career opportunities that were not previously available. Experience is a factor that not all job seekers are going to have; for those with little to no experience, having a paralegal certification can be just the edge they need to surpass other candidates. Similarly, having this certification tells potential employers who is serious about becoming a paralegal. In some cases, the certified paralegal can forego some of the training, which saves the employer time and money.

Another advantage to a paralegal certification is the potential to earn a higher income, both in wages and benefits. There is a specific correlation between certified paralegals and earning more money; essentially, those who are certified earn more than those who are not. As certification is not required, it is considered additional knowledge, meaning the certified paralegal becomes more valuable and is considered more of an asset to the firm or company.

Advantages of a Paralegal Certification

Additionally, those paralegals who are certified are required to maintain their certification by attending continuing education courses. These courses keep paralegals up to date on the latest legal knowledge and ethical obligations. Certified paralegals have the benefit of gaining knowledge continuously, ensuring they remain an advantageous asset to their employer.

The majority of states as of 2010 did not require paralegals to be certified. As laws change and there is further growth of the legal industry, more states may require this certification. Obtaining a paralegal certification prior to any future legislation may save time and money in the long run or reduce the effect of such mandates. Additionally, paralegals with certification will be ahead of those who need to go back for additional schooling and certification.

Paralegal certification means being accredited. It serves as formal education and even some training and experience. Employers often prefer those with certification to those who do not hold it. The advantages of holding a paralegal certification often outweigh the costs for many paralegals and it is highly recommended among legal professionals.


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