Career Opportunities

There are a plethora of career opportunities for those with paralegal certification. In fact, paralegals are not just found in law firms anymore. Surprisingly, certified paralegals can be found in a multitude of professional offices. Paralegals are also found in courthouses, government offices, insurance offices, real estate offices, and even in the health field. Still other paralegals choose to be freelance professionals.

Of course, many paralegals go the traditional route and work for a law firm, handling research, preparing legal documents for attorneys, interacting with clients and other law offices, and working on special projects within the firm. In a law firm, paralegals may also meet with clients and discuss settlement opportunities with them or the opposing parties. However, paralegals are unable to give legal advice or make settlement decisions.

Paralegals are also found in courthouses. In this setting, a paralegal may assist a judge or lawyers throughout their daily tasks and trials. A paralegal may be asked to do research for a judge. They can also be found maintaining court documents and files or assisting in other offices as a law clerk.

There are also career opportunities for paralegals in government offices, such as the Department of the Treasury and the Social Security Administration. Here, paralegals may prepare files or draft material on certain laws and standards. They can review agency regulations, make information available to provide to the public, or even do research and maintain files for superiors throughout the office. A paralegal working for a government agency will most likely need to be more specialized in a particular area of law as well as have an accomplished resume.

Working for an insurance company can provide great opportunities for a paralegal; there are quite a few job titles they may hold in these offices. Many insurance companies have in-house lawyers to handle legal matters; these lawyers need the assistance of paralegals just as others in law firms do. Paralegals may also find themselves in the role of an adjuster. Many insurance adjusters handle difficult claims where laws are involved, research is necessary, and the adjuster has to conduct business with attorneys. Paralegals have the education and drive to handle these claims with efficiency.

Paralegals also have vast career opportunities in the real estate field. Within this field, paralegals may find they can work for a title agency, reviewing titles and documents, or they could be employed at a real estate agency as an abstractor or a search examiner. There are a large number of very important documents moving throughout the real estate industry daily; paralegals provide a safety net and another set of eyes to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Paralegals may also find career opportunities in the health industry. Just as other industries do, many hospitals or health agencies have their own lawyers, who, in turn, need paralegals. On the other side of the industry, paralegals may be found as occupational health and safety specialists. These specialists help ensure that health and safety codes are met and that offices are operating to the standard.

Some paralegals choose to be self-employed, freelance professionals. These paralegals advertise their qualifications and may be hired as contract workers for any of the above in time of need. There are particularly busy seasons for all industries, and the freelance paralegal may be added to a team of employee paralegals.

Paralegals are growing to become a necessity for many professional fields. Additionally, a paralegal may find he or she has proficient knowledge in a particular area and move careers to a more specialized position. Paralegals are not limited by career options once they have obtained certification.


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