Certification and Special Training for Paralegals

There are no specific education standards or training requirements set for paralegals across the country, with the exception of California, where certification is mandatory. There are standards for the industry, though. The numerous professional titles a paralegal can hold depend on the education or training obtained. One of the most highly regarded titles or statuses is that of the certified paralegal. Additionally, continuing education is often required to maintain a status once it is acquired.

Becoming a certified paralegal requires additional training and education from that of a degree program. To hold the title of a certified paralegal, the individual must sit for and pass a professional certification exam. This certification exam is only sponsored by select groups and not available to everyone. To qualify for the exam, paralegals must meet certain educational and experience eligibility requirements. Once certified, a paralegal is seen as more valuable and considered to hold a specialized level of understanding in the field.

Certification and Special Training for Paralegals

Paralegal certification does not last for the entirety of the paralegal’s career. There are continuing education requirements to keep the title active, or recertification will be necessary. Continuing education and training is crucial for paralegals to keep current on the latest laws and legal procedures. Continuing education credits can come in the form of seminars, webinars, classes, or publications. A certified paralegal may be able to tailor their continuing education to his or her specific legal field as long as it meets the requirements of the ABA and sponsor.


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