Obtaining Employment as a Paralegal

Obtaining employment as a paralegal is not as easy as simply applying to a law firm or corporation. There is a very competitive market for paralegals, and only the best will find the highly coveted and top-paying jobs. In order to gain employment, paralegals must have the best education and experience possible and employ a few other strategies.

References are a big asset to paralegals seeking a job. References show a potential employer that the paralegal is a quality and trustworthy employee or individual. It is important to have professional references, not just personal. Personal references are not regarded as highly as professional references.

Paralegals looking for work should know the appropriate job interview techniques. Once paralegals are called for an interview, they must make a great first impression and a lasting impression to get the call back for the job. Some companies have a multiple interview process. Superior interviewing skills, such as communication and quick thinking, will prove to be very important as these skills will transfer into everyday work.

Obtaining Employment as a Paralegal

A paralegal’s resume is one of the most important aspects to finding employment. The resume is a snapshot of the individual and is the determining factor for whether an employer will make that first call to the paralegal. Resumes should highlight the standout qualities and be eye catching, while maintaining an air of professionalism. A paralegal’s resume must be well thought out and of the best quality.

Legal internships are a great advantage when trying to obtain paralegal employment. Legal internships are considered a form of experience, which is an invaluable quality in a paralegal. This experience is usually considered a step above other paralegals searching for employment.


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