Paralegal Jobs

Paralegal jobs can vary significantly depending on the employer, industry, etc. As with other careers, paralegals with formal education or training and experience have some of the best job opportunities. Important things to consider when determining a

path are salary differences for various kinds of paralegal work and the educational requirements necessary for certain types of paralegal employment.

Paralegal Jobs

There are endless factors that are considered when wages and salary are involved. Surprisingly for paralegals, the number one determining factor is not education or experience, although these play a large role. The top factor is actually the industry in which the paralegal works. For instance, paralegals working for the federal government are usually the top-earning paralegals across the country. However, paralegals employed by private firms may receive bonuses and other compensation not available to government employees. These are all a part of compensation packages and should be explored thoroughly.

Educational requirements will vary as much as salary for the different paralegal fields. While some positions require both education from an American Bar Association school and extensive experience, others require much less or only one of them. Those beginning their paralegal education should review these requirements prior to beginning a career path; they will be unable to fulfill requirements for or to obtain an unnecessary degree that could be obtained after gaining employment in their desired field.


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